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Why Do We Do It?

006 Will You Marry MeWhy do we do it I hear you cry…. well for many reasons, for friendship, for charity, for personal ambition, for the love of entertaining whether a seasoned performer or treading the boards for the very first time, I can guarantee you that each and every one of those bright colourful faces that appear in front of you has a belly full of nerves before the curtain goes up.

These nerves come with the knowledge that ten months ago a group of members sat down with a blank page in front of them, creative juices flowed (and I suspect probably alcoholic ones too) witty banter and local humour poured on to the pages and after many rewrites the scene was set…now that would have been a fairy tale ending for the production team who have spent hours, days, weeks turning the script writers dreams into reality with elaborate scenery and some very imaginative props!002 Farrow and Ball

In the height of summer we eagerly met to read-through the script for the first time, laughter poured and the producers keenly seeking their perfect character match. Then the long awaited phone call from the producer your role is.........!

September arrives and our first rehearsal which can only be described as a room full of excitable screaming banshees, we can be quite loud but mostly at inappropriate moments and not when the producers call for it on stage! Next appears the tape measures and pins, brightly colour material and a lot of hard work from the wardrobe team and after weeks of trying-on and alternations our costume are almost complete!

Rehearsals continue on a weekly basis and in December we find ourselves at St Edmunds Hall, gulp… reality sets in! You can have 2 different types of rehearsals an absolutely amazing one when you go home buzzing to your loved ones about your excellent evening and then yes….. you’ve guessed it the evening from hell when you forget all your lines, sing out of tune and your arms and legs refuse to work as a team for the final dance!

Again your loved ones will also feel the aftermath of a nightmare performance! That brings us almost up to today, the patient musicians who have helped us with every bum note and encouraged us through some rocky moments, the sound and lighting crew who have illuminated the truly wonderful scenery and amazing costumes and it doesn’t end there as lurking behind the scenes are a team of truly amazing people who call us, prompt us in our ‘blank’ moments, hand us props, change the scenery and chaperone the children, none of this could happen without them!014 Tut Tut and Lay Lay

We’re only human, we will make mistakes so I hope this goes some way to explaining our belly full of nerves, we don’t want to let anyone down, fellow members or you our friends and families who come to support us. So when you arrive and are greeted by the wonderful front of house team and you take your seat please remember that we can’t do it without you. When the curtain rises don’t be shy, please encourage us, be loud be proud and join in, and we will reciprocate in giving you a truly amazing performance!